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Soul Transformation Therapy

For those who would value some assistance with identifying the core of an issue, and to begin shifting in relation to the calling of their soul

Do you feel like you are ready to move forwards, but still appear to be stuck in some way?

Are you aware of a particular pattern which keeps re-occurring, that really doesn't resonate with you?

Do you have a knowing you are ready to release an attachment to something, but aren't quite sure how to do so?

We are able to shift many things on a conscious level - simply by deciding to do so.

But sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we just don't seem to be able to make the change we are desiring.

This is usually because the core of the issue is at the unconscious level, so trying to shift this consciously simply won't work.

Soul Transformation Therapy identifies the core issue related to the problem, then accesses many different levels (emotional spiritual, soul and ancestral) to begin to heal this.

What Soul Transformation Therapy is

and how a session can help you

Soul Transformation Therapy (incorporating Soul Plan tarot cards and healing interventions) is a complete therapy system.

This modality was created by Blue Marsden - author of Soul Plan - Reconnect with your Life Purpose, and was first introduced in 2014.

Soul Transformation Therapy uses a Soul Archetype tarot deck based on the 22 Soul Plan energies to identify the relevant block being experienced, and the core issue related to it.

It also consists of seven different healing interventions which each work on clearing different blockages, and a future card spread to clarify what has been healed, what action can be taken to continue to enhance the shift, and the rewards and learnings that can be achieved after having taken aligned action in relation to the action identified.

The seven interventions within Soul Transformation Therapy are: 

Cord Balancing and Vow Break

Soul Plan Trauma Release

Soul Retrieval

Boundary Tapping

Soul Plan Hologram/Asashic Reading

Odic Bonding

Soul Plan Energy Archetypes and Shadows

One or two of the interventions will be experienced within a typical session, depending on which ones are relevant to the core issue.

What a Soul Transformation Therapy session consists of

My Soul Transformation Therapy sessions are for an hour, and are shared live via Zoom.


Before the session, it will be useful for you to provide me with your full birth name - exactly as it is on your birth certificate.


This will enable me to create your unique Soul Plan chart and identify what your challenges, talents and goals are, which will be useful to refer to in relation to what you are wanting to work through.


I won't specifically share this chart with you, as I deliver Soul Plan Readings separately.  This will simply be used this for my own reference.


During the session you will be given the opportunity to:

Reflect in relation to what it is you would like to work on, and why.

Clarify on a conscious level the core issue and block relating to this (which will be identified by the cards you select).

Experience one or two healing interventions relevant to what has been identified.

Gain insights form a future card spread (again based on the cards you choose).


At the end of the session I will deliver a meditation, where all parts of what you have discovered are integrated and aligned, and share a simple yet powerful grounding technique.


The energy exchange for a Soul Transformation Therapy session with me (1 hour) live via Zoom is £55.


I had an opportunity to have a Soul Transformation Therapy session with Jo.  She immediately made me feel at ease with her gentle, caring manner. She was very attentive in listening to a long standing situation that I wanted to shift.

Jo explained how the Soul Plan cards would guide me with this process. A core issue that was affecting my particular situation was identified. This completely resonated with me!  Jo then guided me through a healing intervention which helped me to connect and have a deeper understanding of my issue. This helped me to let go of the identified issue that was holding me back from moving forward in my life.

I felt in a totally safe space with Jo, and she led me through this amazing healing session with her gentle, kind and caring energy.  The healing session has given me great clarity in my direction in life.

Jo is an amazing genuine soul, and I can highly recommend her. Thank you Jo!

Jacqueline - Ayrshire

Book Your Session

I am available to deliver Soul Transformation Therapy sessions live via Zoom on weekday evenings.


To book your session, simply select the relevant date below.


I had a beautiful Soul Transformation Therapy session with Jo. What can I say...what a lovely therapy.

Jo guided me through with so much empathy. I felt so much better after the session, like a weight had been lifted. I can't recommend this enough.

Jo is a kind and beautiful soul and is very talented. I would definitely book another session with her. 

Catherine - Wigan

A Soul Transformation Therapy session is not a replacement for conventional medicine or psychotherapy.  However, it can be used in a complementary way.  If you are currently taking prescribed medication or have a medical condition, it is in your best interest to consult your doctor  to seek their advice in relation to you experiencing a session.  I am not medically trained.

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