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Connect with your Soul


I provide opportunities for you to align with the calling of your Soul, based around Soul Plan.


I offer:

Soul Plan Readings

A Soul Plan Programme

Soul Transformation Therapy

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Soul Plan Readings

Live via Zoom

Would you love to clarify what your soul's plan is in this lifetime?


To discover how the name you were given at birth contains this information, and how you can embody your talents to help overcome your challenges and work towards your gaols, click the link below to find out more.


Nurturing your Soul's Plan

6-Week Personal Programme Live via Zoom

(For those who have already experienced a full Soul Plan reading)

Would you love the opportunity to reflect on your Soul Plan reading and chart even more deeply?


To find out about the programme I have created to enable you reflect, release and realign more deeply in relation to the different aspects of your Soul's Plan, click the link below.


Soul Transformation Therapy

Live via Zoom

Would you love to identify what could be preventing you from moving forward?


Soul Transformation Therapy can help to identify blocks, and begin to create energetic shifts to start releasing these.

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The sessions, workshops and training I deliver are not replacements for conventional medicine or psychotherapy.  However, they can be attended in a complementary way.  If you are currently taking prescribed medication or have a medical condition, it is in your best interest to consult your doctor  to seek their advice in relation to you attending a session, workshop or training.  I am not medically trained.

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