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If you are feeling guided to nurture your soul, and connect with someone who can help you to help yourself...

....then I lovingly welcome you and thank you for visiting this website.


Perhaps you are suddenly feeling lost, unsettled or unsatisfied.


Or maybe you feel like you are yearning for 'more' - even if you don't consciously know what this is!


I understand. We all feel like this at certain times in our lives. And whilst we always have the resources we need in any given moment, sometimes it can be beneficial to connect with others to assist us with our process.


We are all part of a huge shift right now, where we are being given the opportunity to reflect in relation to what is no longer in alignment with our soul, and to gently, lovingly release.


We are being encouraged to clarify what is truly important to us now, to identify our true souls calling and purpose, and to take aligned action. This can be both exciting and daunting at the same time.


I provide opportunities for you to reflect, release and realign with the calling of your soul, in a variety of different ways.


I have personally experienced the benefits of everything I deliver, and the 1-1 sessions, workshops and training I offer are as a result of me having taken aligned action in relation to what truly resonates at soul level for me.


Everything I share is energy based and of a spiritual nature, ranging from identifying the significance of the frequency of your birth name, to connecting with the high frequencies of Angels.


It will be lovely to hear from you if anything I offer resonates.


Everything I deliver is live online via Zoom - unless otherwise stated.


Love Jo. XX

You can scroll down this page to see if anything I offer resonates with you


Angels By Your Side

A One-Year Guided Journal Including Angel Affirmations


Soul Plan Readings live via Zoom

Would you love to clarify what your soul's plan is in this lifetime?


To discover how the name you were given at birth contains this information, and how you can embody your talents to help overcome your challenges and work towards your gaols, click the link below to find out more.


Nurturing your Soul's Plan

6-Week Personal Programme Live via Zoom

(For those who have already experienced a full Soul Plan reading)

Would you love the opportunity to reflect on your Soul Plan reading and chart even more deeply?


To find out about the programme I have created to enable you reflect, release and realign more deeply in relation to the different aspects of your Soul's Plan, click the link below.


Angelic Reiki Training live via Zoom 

Are you being called to learn how you can connect with the Angelic Realms, for the benefit of yourself and perhaps others too?


To find out about the different levels of Angelic Reiki training I offer, click the link below.


Angelic Reiki Sessions

Would you love to benefit from receiving high frequency Angelic love and light?


To find out about the Angelic Reiki sessions I offer live via Zoom, click the link below.

Angels By Your Side Logo.png

Angels By Your Side

Monthly Group

Would you love the opportunity to connect and reflect with like-minded souls, and experience a guided meditation with Angels?


For details of the monthly group I offer live via Zoom to enable you to do this, click the link below.

DFC Image.png

Divine Feminine Community

Starting in 2024

A place for you to nourish and nurture your Soul


For details of all Divine Feminine Community Hosts and how you can join this lovely community, click the link below.

Contact Jo

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It will be lovely to hear from you.

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The sessions, workshops and training I deliver are not replacements for conventional medicine or psychotherapy.  However, they can be attended in a complementary way.  If you are currently taking prescribed medication or have a medical condition, it is in your best interest to consult your doctor  to seek their advice in relation to you attending a session, workshop or training.  I am not medically trained.

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