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Combining Meditation with Angelic Reiki

2 Day Training

Delivered live via Zoom

Next date TBC

Have you noticed how some people you have shared Angelic Reiki with have found it more difficult to relax into the process - especially if you work through the process silently in your mind?


Combining meditation within the Angelic Reiki process really does enable recipients to relax into the session, and it also enables them to have a deeper experience, due to the relaxed state they are in because of the meditation.

The curriculum within this training gives you the opportunity to:


Understand what mediation is, and how it enhances relaxation.


Discover different delivery methods of meditation.


Clarify the role of the unconscious mind, and understand why knowledge of this is relevant.


Understand the importance of explaining everything beforehand, in relation to what the Angelic Reiki process consists of and how it will be delivered.


Identify limiting beliefs which could have held you back from creating and delivering meditations.


Experience an attunement meditation with the angels to help you begin to release and change those limiting beliefs.


Change those limiting beliefs into positive affirmations.


Practice using your voice within sharing Angelic Reiki, to ease you into this process gently.


Gradually build meditation into this process with the script I have created to build your confidence.


Create your own meditation based on the script I have created, so you understand the structure of a meditation.


Clarify why combining meditation with Angelic Reiki enhances the process.



At the end of the training you will receive a Combining Meditation with Angelic Reiki Certificate of Completion.


This training is delivered over two days from 10.00am - 5.00pm

Breaks and lunch will be away from the computer, so we all have regular rest times away from our screens.

At the end of the training you will be sent your certificate of attendance.

The energy exchange for this lovely 2 day training is currently £222.

This includes a manual to accompany the training, which I will send to you through the post before the training starts.


Places are limited due to my preference for teaching within small groups, and can be booked upon a £100 deposit.


The outstanding balance of £122 is to be paid 3 weeks before the training starts, to give me plenty of time to create the manual and send it to you through the post.


To be informed when I have clarified the next date of this training and to express your interest, please send an email to:

I look forward to hearing from you.


Love Jo XX

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I will then be in touch when this has been clarified.

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Angelic Reiki is not a replacement for conventional medicine or psychotherapy.  However, it can be experienced in a complementary way.  If you are currently taking prescribed medication, it is in your best interest to consult your doctor  to seek their advice in relation to you experiencing a Angelic Reiki.

I am not medically trained.

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